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1) What do you agree with homeys_dotcom about? that i dont want to do that shit anymore.
2) Do you think johnnyvega is hot? ummm...johns like a brother.
3) If johnnyvega was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Pres. Bush
4) Have you flirted with homeys_dotcom? no.
5) Would derrtymack and johnnyvega look good together? as friends...
6) How long have you known mikeypayload? about 5 years
7) Is xdeadreckoningx popular? seems like he is.
8) What planet should xdeadreckoningx be from? astrega (i just made that up)
9) Is beeryce in a relationship? yup
10) If derrtymack and pervcat were spliced together, what would be its name? derrtycat?
11) What is beeryce's biggest flaw? ummm...he's kinda sensitive
12) What song/movie would you recommend to beeryce? "the message" by coldplay
13) Does pervcat have a big secret? im sure she has many
14) If corrosive and derrtymack were siamese twins, where would they be joined? the butt
15) What is mikeypayload's favorite food? airplane food. weirdo.
16) Are corrosive and wednesday1483 going out? no.
17) What do you disagree with derrtymack about? he thinks he shouldnt date, I say just do it!
18) What would beeryce give johnnyvega for his/her birthday? nothing
19) One quality you find attractive in xsyntricity? his political views
20) Is xdeadreckoningx friends with johnnyvega? no
21) corrosive's eye color? brown?
22) What comic book character would corrosive be? a teenage mutant ninja turtle
23) Is homeys_dotcom your best friend? a very close friend
24) What color should xdeadreckoningx dye their hair? dont.
25) Which president would wednesday1483 be likely to idolize? she probably doesnt care
26) Is beeryce athletic? with that gut! (j/k b-rice)
27) Is johnnyvega related to derrtymack? no
28) Do wednesday1483 and xsyntricity go to the same school? no
29) Where was derrtymack born? lawton
30) What flavor of jello would xdeadreckoningx be? vodka flavored
31) Is mikeypayload a nerd? oh yes.
32) What is mikeypayload's favorite color? red
33) What animal should xsyntricity be combined with? a panda
34) Is homeys_dotcom dead sexy? he thinks he is.
35) What animal does xdeadreckoningx remind you of? a sneaky one...a racoon
36) Does mikeypayload have a dog? no
37) Where did you first meet beeryce? ummm...dont remember.
38) Are xsyntricity and pervcat going steady? no
39) Where would mikeypayload most like to visit? england. easy!
40) Does derrtymack know xsyntricity? ummm...they might know of eachother.
41) Could you see corrosive and xsyntricity together? haha...yeah...sure...with johnathan standing behind them with a gun
42) Would you make out with homeys_dotcom? no!
43) Did mikeypayload break up with you? no...
44) Has xsyntricity dyed their hair? im sure he has.
45) What would you do if you found out beeryce has a crush on you? i would say..."bryce...not again...YOU'RE GAY!
46) Has mikeypayload been to your house/dorm? yes.
47) Would beeryce be a better ninja or pirate? pirate...arrrrrg
48) Have you ever dated xdeadreckoningx? no
49) If derrtymack had a superpower, what would it be? bling bling super iced out power of mind control
50) How would wednesday1483 kill derrtymack? slowly poisin.
51) What video game does wednesday1483 remind you of? twister
52) If homeys_dotcom were hanging off a cliff, what would wednesday1483 do? help him up.
53) What mental disorder does johnnyvega remind you of? narsisism
54) How tall is xdeadreckoningx? no clue
55) Would you set up johnnyvega and corrosive? no
56) Is pervcat a college student? yes
57) Is wednesday1483 a high school student? no
58) If johnnyvega commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? everyone...if not, they would become his prisoners
59) Is johnnyvega related to you? no
60) What is mikeypayload's shoe size? 10?
61) What rank would homeys_dotcom have in a giant robot army? pilot
62) Do you have wednesday1483's screenname? yes.
63) Does xdeadreckoningx travel a lot? ummm...sure.
64) Does xdeadreckoningx go to your school? no
65) If wednesday1483 took over the world, who would be happy? people who played guitar
66) When did you last call xdeadreckoningx? never
67) Is pervcat introverted or extroverted? introverted
68) Are corrosive and xsyntricity married? no
69) Would you wrestle xdeadreckoningx in jello? for how much money?
70) Does mikeypayload drink?!
71) Would you ever date derrtymack? i did.
72) Where was xdeadreckoningx born? i don know this person very well!!!
73) What would wednesday1483 do differently in your shoes? kiss more girls.
74) What languages does wednesday1483 speak? english, language of love
75) homeys_dotcom's hair color? brownish
76) What is beeryce's favorite band/artist? something gay...haha!
77) Is wednesday1483 1337? what? what is being 1337?
78) What would beeryce think of xdeadreckoningx? cute
79) What would you do if pervcat died? be sad.
80) If mikeypayload took over the world, who would suffer? all those who didnt worship him
81) One thing you can't stand about johnnyvega? that he lives far away
82) How would johnnyvega conquer the world? with a playstation controler
83) Does xsyntricity have a crush on wednesday1483? no
84) Is mikeypayload an emo? sometimes he can get a bit depressing, but he's not emo
85) What is xsyntricity allergic to? stupidity
86) If homeys_dotcom and wednesday1483 were spliced together, what would it be like? the most girl crazy being EVER!
87) What is johnnyvega's favorite game? some video game im sure
88) What exotic animal would pervcat like as a pet? a panther
89) Would wednesday1483 and beeryce make a good couple?
90) How many monkeys could johnnyvega fight at once and win against? 4
91) Would xsyntricity go out with xdeadreckoningx? no.
92) Do you have a crush on beeryce? no.
93) Does mikeypayload do drugs? no.
94) What word best describes derrtymack? akjsdlkuopfaijposekjois. yup, that sums that up.
95) Does johnnyvega smoke? he used be cool. haha
96) Which of your friends should corrosive go out with? johnathan. because she is.
97) Thoughts on johnnyvega? i think if he is reading this he will agree with me that this quiz is kinda lame.
98) How long would johnnyvega dating xsyntricity last? would never happen...this quiz is lame...
99) Is derrtymack single? yes...lame.
100) What is mikeypayload's favorite movie? dont know. lame ass quiz. my apologies.
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you wouldnt wrestle me in jello for free? dude...
29) Where was derrtymack born? germany
sorry...guess I wanted you to have the same fate as me.
we'll share other fates..okay?
and also i'm not looking to be attached to anyone, i just have fits of loneliness at times...can ya blame me?
15) What is mikeypayload's favorite food? airplane food. weirdo.

AHHHHH, I love this answer.