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i stole this from dan

If you could fight anyone, who would it be? Avril Lavine (somewhere, somehow, this will happen!)

If you could see any two people fight...? i dont like people fighting, but if I had to choose, definatly my X boyfriend and a huge, strong, evil, guy that would slowly torture and hurt him. (hehe)
If you could remix any song, what would it be? Fleetwood Mac - Tell Me Lies

What is the most obscure sexual position you know of? i dont know the names of these things...

That you have ever attempted...? see above.

If you wrote one, what would be the title of your autobiography? Sophia.

If there was a storm named after you, where would it land? lawton.

What is the best album cover of all time? who cares? i lost all the covers of all my albums.

What is your blood type? O-

Do you know what that means? im the universal donor, which means my blood is useful to EVERYONE, but I can only take blood from other people with O-, seems a bit unfair, eh? Yeah, i dont donate!

Who makes more money than they should? Actors/Singers

Why aren't you one? Good question. cuz im too fat.

Who should make the most money? Teachers, doctors, and scientists (i have to agree with dan here.)

What is your favorite number? 11

Second favorite? 13
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