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cuz other people did it

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bennies:
    The things you put on your head to keep warm! I have many!
  2. charlotte:
    One of the greatest people ever!
  3. cory:
    Another awesome friend.
  4. driving around all night:
    back when I couldnt get into bars, this was just as good.
  5. hello kitty:
    HELLO!!! This one is a given
  6. kate:
    Sister of Charlotte, very smart, cool chica
  7. my imac computer:
    oooo...its already 3 years old and it still looks high tech
  8. raves:
    sigh. I call them "parties" now.
  9. sitting on the porch:
    My favorite place to drink wine with the moom!
  10. walmart cookies:
    I need to delet these...I never get them anymore...or maybe! I should go out and buy some...they are so evil!

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