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Science and Love

I should have studied to become an astrophysicist.  I know that know...

The stars have interested me from a very young age.  I had dreams about stars, and star charts and playfully obsessed over astrology (Linda Goodman, you are evil!).  I was naturally good at science and math, but instead chose to do more artsy things like theater and speech.  I did not fail in these areas, but when I look back now I am somewhat sad that I did not innitially go with my natural strengths.  But, what is done is done, and now as an adult my brain aches for knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.  So I have become an amature science geek via the interwebs, and I am enjoying it so much.  I go back to the same youtube lectures like I used to go back to my favorite music video in the 90's.  lol.  And I thought I would link them here for posterity.  The following are currently my favorite lectures online:

There are many others, but these are most defiantly at the top of my respect list atm. I realize not all of them are "scientific" in nature, but all are GOOD.   I am really enrolled in the youtube school of knowledge!  lol.  And I am enjoying every second of it.  Perhaps I will find a physics class to take this summer...or get a tutor. 
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